Residential Solar

We are lucky enough to live in one of the best states in Australia! 

Sunlight is in abundance for most of the year and solar systems love it! 

If you are paying an energy bill it is easy to justify installing solar. 

Reduce your carbon foot print, invest in your homes value and put more money back into your pocket! 

Small - Medium Home

6.6 kilowatt solar system.
5 Kilowatt solar inverter
Average energy production of 8,500 kwh’s per year.
or 24 kwh’s or more per day.
Starting from $4,318

Medium - Large Home

10.4 kilowatt solar system
8 kilowatt solar inverter 
Average energy production of 13,500 kwh’s per year
or 37 kwh’s or more per day
Starting from $6,805